Rules of Seniors Home  

The SIES Seniors Home (hereinafter for brevity's sake referred to as 'SIES-Seniors Home') is organized and formed in consonance with the Memorandum and Rules of Association of the South Indian Education Society (SIES), a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.

SIES-SENIORS HOME is the manifestation of the societal responsibilities that SIES has taken unto itself while providing value based and comprehensive education. The SIES-SENIORS HOME has been established by SIES at a substantial cost at Plot No. l-D, Sector V, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400 706. In creating the therapeutic community of elders and young learners of our ancient cultures and scriptures, the building complex in addition to SIES-Seniors Home also houses The SIES Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Veda Vidya Pitha which would be the core of this communion.


  1. Those who would donate to the corpus of SIES-SH equivalent to the proportionate cost of their dwelling unit or any part thereof as may be fixed from time to time by the board of management of SIES-SH and would also defray hundred percent of the monthly cost of boarding and other services provided by SIES-SH, hereinafter called ‘The Paying Inmates’.

  2. Those who would pay hundred percent of the monthly cost of boarding and other services provided by SIES-SH, and such deposit towards monthly charges are determined by SIES-SH hereinafter called ‘Ordinary Inmates’.

  3. Those who are admitted to SIES-SH on a gratuitous basis, hereinafter called ‘The Free Inmates’.

Admission To SIES Seniors Home 

    1.1. A person to be eligible to be admitted to SIES-Seniors Home
    1.2. Should be an Indian National Ordinarily resident in Maharashtra Above 60 years of age in the case of a male inmate and 55 years in the case of a female inmate (where the couple are seeking admission as inmates to a single dwelling unit, the age of the male inmate would alone be considered for eligibility). Is of good health and does not suffer from any contagious disease. In the opinion of SIES-Seniors Home, he/she is capable of discharging his/her financial responsibilities pertaining to the category under which he/she is admitted to the Seniors Home.
    1.3. Has not been removed from any other Seniors Home for acts of misconduct or behaviour not compatible with the general expectation in a Seniors Home. erotik shop
    1.4. Does not possess in his/her name or that of his/her spouse, a residential accommodation in Maharashtra.


    2. Every application for admission to SIES-Seniors Home shall be made in the prescribed form available with the office of SIES-Seniors Home on payment of Rs.100/- (Rupees hundred only) except in the case of persons applying under the free category, furnishing therein all the required details accompanied by appropriate documents on fitness of health, legal heirs, dependents etc.

Disposal Of Application 

    3. Every application received for admission to SIES-Seniors Home shall ordinarily be disposed of by the board of management of SIES-Seniors Home within sixty days of receipt of application. erotik shop

Power To Accept Or Reject Application 

    4. The board of management of SIES-Seniors Home or any other officer authorized by the board of SIES-Seniors Home after scrutinizing the application may accept or reject the application without assigning any reason whatsoever. The decision of the board of management of SIES-Seniors Home in this regard shall be final.


    5. The board of management of SIES-Seniors Home shall on acceptance of an application issue a letter of allotment to the applicant specifying the category of allotment, schedule of charges, if any, and the details of the dwelling unit. Only an allotment letter signed by the person authorized by the board of management of SIES-Seniors Home alone shall be binding on SIES-Seniors Home for consequential benefits. şişli escort ümraniye escort mecidiyeköy escort

Preference For Teachers 

Allotment Not Transferable 

    7. The allotment letter issued to an applicant is personal to him/her and includes his/her spouse if he/she has indicated in his/her application that the spouse shall stay with the applicant and cannot be transferred under any circumstances whatsoever to any other person.

    The allotment is not a property or a right which can he inherited and as such the allotment shall be deemed to have been cancelled without notice, on the death of applicant to whom the allotment letter has been issued or his ceasing to be an inmate as per clause 22 and 24 hereinafter appearing. Where the allotment has been issued in the joint names of the spouse the surviving spouse will have to apply within a month of the death of the other spouse to the board şişli escort of management of SIES-Seniors Home to record the deletion in the letter of allotment and to record the same in the single name of the surviving spouse.

Use Of The Dwelling Unit 

    8. The dwelling unit allotted to an inmate pursuant to the letter of allotment issued in this regard shall be used exclusively for the residence of the inmate. No industry with or without power and/or manpower would be permitted tobe conducted in the home. Any violation would invite summary removal from the home. Industry would cover any activity whether for profit or otherwise.

No Signboard On The Dwelling Unit 

    10. The board of management of SIES-Seniors Home can transfer any inmate to any dwelling unit within its home without any notice except in the case of the paying inmate where the transfer would be restricted only to a similar dwelling unit.

No Invitation To Guests, Relatives, Children To The Home 

    11. No inmate would allow any person other than him/her and his/her spouse to stay in the dwelling unit. All visitors to the home can meet the inmates only at the central lounge of the home except in cases of sickness of the inmate, with the permission of the manager; the guest can meet the inmate at their dwelling unit.

Use Of Outside Equipments 

    12. The use of outside furniture, fixtures, sound and light equipments shall not be allowed inside the dwelling unit except to the extent notified in the paying inmates section.

General Rules Of Stay At SIES Seniors Home 

    13.1. Smoking. Consumption of alcohol and serving of non-vegetarian food is STRICTLY PROHIBITED anywhere in the premises.
    13.2. The allotted dwelling unit should be kept clean at all points of time. Littering should be avoided.
    13.3. No eatables are permitted to be consumed at any place other than the dining area. Special sanction of the manager for service in the dwelling unit would have to be obtained, if due to sickness the inmate is restrained from movement beyond the dwelling unit. bomonti escort taksim escort kartal escort maltepe escort istanbul escort
    13.4. No loud music can be played in the dwelling unit
    13.5. No cooking is permitted in the dwelling unit except for heating water/liquids. No liquefied gas is permitted except in the paying inmates dwelling units.
    13.6. Hot water arrangements and laundry are centralized and hence not permitted inside the dwelling unit.
    13.7. All personal belongings of the inmates are left to the safe custody of the inmate himself/ herself and SIES-Seniors Home shall not be responsible for damage or loss of property of inmates.
    13.8. Washing in the dwelling unit would be restricted only to undergarments, towels and handkerchiefs.
    13.9. Spitting of pan in the washbasin is strictly prohibited
    13.10. Wet clothes can be dried only in the area earmarked for them.
    13.11. Use of Television sets inside the dwelling units is discouraged. However inmates of the paying category using the same would have to pay fixed charges for electricity consumption. Cable TV connections can be taken only with the prior approval of SIES-Seniors Home. 23123
    13.12. Intercom facilities are available and restricted only to paying inmates dwelling units. There would however be provision for receiving incoming calls in each floor of the home.
    13.13. No individual celebrations of any event would be permitted. The home would however organize community celebrations of all birthdays/marriage anniversary days etc on such terms as may be decided by the board of management of SIES-Seniors Home.
    13.14. Bhajans, group singings are permitted only in the community centre.
    13.15. SIES-SENIORS HOME board of management can specify fixed duration of time for admission of visitors, switch on and off of power in common areas, etc. for administrative and security reasons.
    13.16. Use of library would be restricted only to the inmates and guided by the framed in this regard.
    13.17. Inmates shall not bring any item/furniture from the common facility rooms/area to their dwelling units.
    13.18. Medical assistance shall be available only through accredited Medical Practitioners. Any specific request for particular doctors would have to be approved by the manager and arranged by the inmate himself.
    13.19. Right of admission to the home other than to the inmates is reserved. The manager or any other authorized person can refuse entry to any visitor including those claiming to be children/relatives of the inmates.

Vehicle Parking:Add 

    14. Inmates are specifically prohibited from keeping vehicles in the home and seeking parking facilities. In exceptional cases depending on the services rendered to SIES by the inmate, the facility can be extended on such terms as may be decided by the SIES-Seniors Home.

Appointement Of An Attendant 

    15. No inmate can appoint any person for any personal services except with the written permission of the board of management of SIES-Seniors Home. Permission would be accorded only in exceptional cases like sickness etc. and only after a written application has been made in that behalf.

Non Refundable Corpus Donation 

    16. The donation to the corpus fund of SIES-Seniors Home provided by the paying inmate or any voluntary donation made by any other category of inmate at the time of admission or thereafter is not a deposit and would not be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever nor would it entail the legal heirs of the inmates to claim allotment after the demise of the inmate.

Non Inter-Changeability Of The Category Of Allotment 

    17. . No inmate would be allowed to shift from the originally allotted category of allotment to a lower one in terms of financial obligations. In the event of his failure to meet the financial obligations as are applicable to his category, he would cease to be the inmate of the home on being notified of that position. SIES-Seniors Home would encourage free inmates opting for ordinary inmates category and subject to availability allow switchover to paying inmates category for any existing inmate.

Honorary Service Of The Inmates To SIES Seniors Home 

    18. The inmate subject to being medically fit would be encouraged to the extent possible to provide honorary services to SIES-Seniors Home, SIES in the areas of their interest/specialization. erotik shop Honorary services would be welcome in the areas of teaching, administration, kitchen, temple services, gardening etc.

Medical Fitness 

Bill For Services 

    20. A consolidated monthly bill for food, laundry and other services provided by SIES-Seniors Home would be given to the inmates by the first week of the succeeding month. The same shall have to be settled within three days of receipt of the bill. Arrears of payment erotik shop beyond three months may result in the expulsion of the inmate and arrears within three months would attract interest at 15% per annum. The board of management of SIES-Seniors Home can withdraw any of the listed services without any notice for default in the payment erotik shop of the monthly bills. In the case of persistent defaulters, the board may revive the services only with payment of such deposit as it may fix in this regard.

Death Of An Inmate 

    21. Should an inmate die during the currency of the allotment of a dwelling unit in the Seniors Home, the manager shall intimate any of the relatives whose names are recorded in the register maintained by the home within reasonable time. Should no one come forward to claim the body of the inmate and eight hours have elapsed since the death of the inmate, he/she shall be cremated with dignity by the home. No claim of any nature whatsoever would be entertained from any person claiming to be the legal heir/relative of the deceased for the disposal of the body. The inmate has confirmed full understanding of this position and avers having informed all concerned of the same. erotik shop erotik shop


    22.1. Catering by outside caterers shall not be permitted in the home. erotik shop sex shop
    22.2. Food shall be provided only in the common dining area of the home at such times as specified and notified by the manager in this regard. istanbul escort ümraniye escort
    22.3. No proportionate refund or exclusion from the monthly bill shall be permitted for any inmate for reasons of not having availed of the food services except in case where for a continuous period of 30 days the inmate has not-availed of any food services. In any event an advance intimation is necessary to enable the inmate to be exempted from monthly billing on this account. şişli escort işitme cihazı As far as possible the standard crockery, utensils provided by the SIES-SENIORS HOME shall be used by the inmates while availing the food services in the dining area

Cancellation Of Allotment 

    23.1. The allotment issued in favour of the inmate of a dwelling unit in SIES-Seniors Home is liable to be cancelled and the inmate expelled on the occurrence of any one or more of the following events. levent escort pendik escort
    23.2. He/She is in arrears of payment of monthly bills for three months. türbanlı escort bebek escort
    23.3. He/She breaches any of the rules and regulations of SIES-Seniors Home and does not remedy the same on notice. bağcılar escort beykoz escort
    23.4. He/She carries out any alterations, modifications to the dwelling unit. Бишкек эскорт tuzla escort
    23.5. He/She contacts a contagious disease and/or suffers from an ailment which requires his separation from others or in the opinion of the SIES-Seniors Home can no longer be maintained in the home. ataşehir escort kadiköy escort
    23.6. Has not been staying in the dwelling unit for a continuous period of over 60 days. bakırköy escort beylikdüzü escort
    23.7. He/She commits grave acts of misconduct which amongst others include moral turpitude, habitual fight with other inmates and home officials, consumes alcohol/non-vegetarian food in the home and destruction/damage to the home property. ataköy escort beşiktaş escort
    23.8. He/She is engaged in acts which in the opinion of the board of management of SIES-Seniors Home are undesirable and detrimental to the interests of the home. florya escort maslak escort
    23.9. An inmate may be requested to leave the home if the dwelling unit is required for a more deserving case. This would not apply in the case of "Paying Inmate". The decision of SIES-Seniors Home board of management shall be final. maltepe escort istanbul escort

Determination Of Allotment In The Case Of Free Or Ordinary Inmates’ Category 

    24. The board of management of SIES-Seniors Home can determine the allotment of the dwelling unit to a free or ordinary inmate category without assigning any reason. taksim escort kartal escort



    26. The decision of the board of management of SIES-Seniors Home as regards interpretation/relaxation of the rules and regulations shall be final and binding on the inmates. şişli escort ümraniye escort